Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paris Hilton Brazil Beer Ad Pulled

Paris Hilton's controversial beer TV ceommercial has been pulled from Brazilian TV networks.

The Paris Hilton beer commercial featured the ditsy one was pulled after consumer complaints and a watchdog agency's investigation.

The Banned Paris Hilton television and internet campaign features Paris Hilton in a short black dress preening and rubbing a can of Devassa beer on herself, all to the delight of onlookers watching through Paris Hilton window.

Brewer Schincariol said in a statement it will defend the commercial, but is pulling it in the meantime.

An ad watchdog group, Conar, asked that the Brazilian Paris Hilton Beer Commercial ad was removed, noting that regulations do not permit a beer commercial to treat women as overtly sensual objects. Brazil's secretariat for women's affairs also said it had received complaints about the ad.

Many Brazilian beer ads feature women in bikinis - but in the context of a beach setting, where such clothing is expected.

"The problem with the ad isn't a lack of clothing, but its sensual nature," Eduardo Correia, a Conar spokesman, said last week.

Devassa is one of many beverages made by Grupo Schincariol.

Devassa's Bem Loura - 'Very Blond' - beer also featured an internet campaign with Paris wearing lingerie and high heels, and supermarket displays featured Paris in the short, black dress.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Paris Hilton Doug Reinhardt Split?

The paprazzi seems to be having alot of fun with a Halloween fight between Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhartd which apparently resulted in Doug Reinhardt throwing Paris Hilton's cell phone out the window after which Paris Hilton freeked out so much, Doug Reinhardt ended up grabbing her in a choke hold to try and calm her down.

According to reports, Paris Hilton got into a physical argument after Doug Reinhardt threw her phone out of the window. According to team Paris Hilton, the incident was "blown out of proportion by the paparazzi, Doug had thrown Paris' phone to a friend inside the car and it went out of the window by accident. Paris was annoyed with Doug because she was afraid that the paparazzi would get her phone. There was never a choking incident."

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